Temple, a team of the people

Temple University started off their first game of the March Madness tournament against the seven-seeded Iowa Hawkeyes at 3:15. As they look to notch another first round win under their belt, Fran Dunphy and the team happened to take a different mode of transportation compared to the other teams.

Philadelphians are seen as a blue collar sort of people, and their basketball scene is no exception. That’s why, when I first saw this, that I thought it doesn’t get more “Philly” than this. The players and Dunphy all look like their locked in and ready to go cause some madness of their own.

Fans and the general public tend to put these guys on a higher level because of the exposure they receive, but, honestly, it’s great to see this kind of thing because it really drives home the fact these guys are just like all of us. Props to Dunphy and company for this one!

Oh, by the way, this isn’t first time they did it either. Remember when they beat Kansas in 2014? Well, they took the train to that game too: 

H/T: CBS Sports

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